Dogs Vs. Cats (30 Days Blogging Challenge)

dogs vs cats

I would be extremely surprised if you told me that you have never been asked this question in your lifetime. Irrespective of whether or not you like animals, someone or the other is bound to ask you this question. The moment those words will leave his/her mouth, the great debate will start.

Me (To a friend): Hey, do you like dogs or cats?

The friend: Um… I don’t really know. I mean, dogs are really cute but cats are really smart, but then cats scratch you with their paws and dogs don’t do that! You get what I mean?

Me: Hmm.

The friend: What about you? Dogs or Cats?

Me: Hmm.

The friend: Apparently, dogs are much more high maintenance than cats but I’m not really sure about that. And you still haven’t answered my question.

Me: Oh well, never mind. I’ll see you tomorrow.

I personally prefer dogs but I frequently play with the stray cats in my building. I prefer dogs because they are very cute and play with more than just a ball of yarn . They don’t scowl all the time but instead multiply the happiness levels in the  house by about a million.

So, all in all I prefer dogs but the great debate lives on!


30 Days Blogging Challenge

Hey guys! This is the 30 days blogging challenge that  I have decided to do. I will not be doing one each day but rather I’ll spread it over 5 to 6 weeks. I decided to take up this challenge not only to improve my writing skills but also to voice my thoughts on various topics. While my thoughts are just a few drops in the ocean, I do hope that they are of some impact.

I hope you enjoy the tour of my brain!

Here is the challenge, made by my sister.

The Challenge Sheet.