How Big Should The Role Of Computers Be In Our Life?

Bill Gates once said , “I think it is fair to say that personal computers have become the most empowering tool we have ever created.” This is extremely true and is an accurate reflection of how computers have influenced our lives.

Since its inception, computers have become an integral and extremely vital part of our day-to-day life. They have proved to be  extremely beneficial in each and every aspect of  of our life. They help analyse massive amounts of data at one go thus saving large chunks of time and money as well. This, combined with the great invention of the internet has caused the computer to be immensely  advantageous. The internet provides a remarkably large wealth of information with a single click. It is a platform for knowledge, art, literature, science and much more. Education has also taken a massive leap with the aid of computers and the internet.

It helps students to complete assignments, projects, improve their academic performance and provide them with various resources  for all course related work. Websites that give online courses provide students with another resource to fall back upon.

However, just like a coin, the computer also has another side. This side of the computer is exceedingly harmful to all spheres of society. One of its main  effects upon people, especially children is that it has stunted social development. This is because the users are drawn into an artificial world where their eyes are always glued to the screen thus preventing healthy social interactions. Moreover, children as well as teenagers are being drawn towards a platform where cyberbullying, trolling, body shaming, drugs, violence, inappropriate language, pictures and content are rampant. Social media has become an addiction for youngsters and even adults!

Computers also have many adverse effects on our health. They negatively affect our posture, our ability to see, our muscles and even our nervous system. They also expose us to radiation that can cause cancer, tumours, miscarriage, birth defects, headache and insomnia.

Given that computers are not wholly perfect, I think that they should play a fairly small role in our lives. This is because I believe that we can achieve our goals and tasks without them. Libraries also have a fair amount of resources which can be used for school work. So, in conclusion, life with barely any use of computers would be a better an d more logical choice instead of a life- long addiction to the same.


Trip To IIT- Bombay.

Our school conducted a trip to the one of the most prestigious  technical institutes in India, IIT Bombay. Actually, there was a choice between the well-known JJ School Of Arts and IIT-B. I chose IIT simply because I wanted to see the campus as well as to understand how a lecture takes place at a high level institute such as this.

The lecture was on Aerospace Engineering- The Fun And Science Of Flying, conducted by Professor. Krishnendu Sinha. Before the lecture began, we had a short interactive session, wherein he asked us what we knew about the about the topic. We also had a small introduction by a student named Atul , who was the one who had helped organise the event. The event came about as a result of a discussion between our principal and the Professor himself.

The lecture was conducted in one of their massive lecture halls. The hall was built like a medium-sized auditorium, the desks of which were made out of wood and were beige in colour. At the very front of the room were 3 drop down sheets that were fixed at different angles: the centre one facing straight ahead, the left  one facing right and vice versa. These sheets displayed the power point presentation based upon the topic.

We learnt about how airplanes fly, how they land( which, contrary to public opinion, is harder than taking off), how they take off, how they turn mid-air and much more. We also learnt about special types of planes such as the Stealth plane that doesn’t have a tail, the Super Sonic Flight and the Blackbird. We also learnt about space and how re-entering the earth is extremely hard because space crafts face a heat of up to 6000 degrees celsius. That is about as hot as the sun!

All in all, it was a great learning experience that I will never forget.

The View Outside My Window

The view outside my window is a rather pretty one, especially in the mellow after-light of a lovely sunset. Directly outside my window is a huge park. The perimeter is dotted with innumerable shades of green. They are mostly palm trees, that stand tall over the ‘younglings ‘ of the park. At the centre of the park is a huge pond that is in the shape of a heart. A faded brow coloured bridge spans it. The bridge is made of panels of wood with a sturdy white rope hugging both sides. This belt of wood runs above the pond  and is attached to the by the same rope to two wooden poles on either end of the bridge.

I am one of the few people who has crossed the bridge and all my friends envy me for this as they never got the chance to do so as the authorities deemed it unsafe and so no one is allowed on the bridge anymore. The pond itself is a murky blueish green that reflects the lamp-posts which are present on boundary in the dark. Just near the entrance of the bridge is a hut like structure but with multiple pillars instead of a wall to support it. The roof is brick-red in colour and the floor an olive-green.

A beige coloured pathway runs through the park flanked on one side by grass and on the other by palm trees. At the right end of the park is a small play area, complete with a pair of brightly coloured swings, see-saws and slides. There is also a small raised platform; pink in colour on the immediate right of the pond.

As open air gyms are the trend now, there is one that has been set up next to the pond and  if there is one thing that strikes me about this ‘open gym’ is that all the women who use it are always clad in brilliantly coloured kurtas and sometimes even sarees! Most of the trees are sprinkled with white blossoms, some pop out in a bright golden-yellow, and the delicate fragrance wafts up to my window when a light, gentle breeze is blowing.

The scene at this time is a vibrant one with children running amok, laughing and giggling, enjoying the cool evening.The elderly people are seen sitting on the benches watching the world go by while young couples loiter on the grass, holding hands. The steady flow of joy emanating from the park never fails to brighten up my day!

Counselling in Schools

As students go into higher classes, the workload ,along with the pressure to do well increases. This results in a lot of stress for the students which leads to a drastic lowering of self-confidence and morale within them.

Not only does going into higher classes result in added pressure academically, it brings with it physical and mental changes that, if taken negatively has the potential to put the students i a state of emotional turmoil. This is where counselling comes in. Students can go and discuss their own issues and problems with the counsellor, who in turn acts as a pillar of support and guides them through pivotal stages of their academic and personal life.Given the current competitive and rather negative atmosphere surrounding the various aspects of  being in higher classes, counsellors play a vital role in the functioning of the school.Although students are hesitant to approach their respective school counsellors, things are changing for the better. Students are beginning to view them as people that provide help and guidance to solve their problems along with heartfelt support throughout the year.

Thus, counselling in schools is an extremely important post and one has to posses the ability to be patient, composed, kind and understanding.





My Mumbai Night Market Experience.

For those of you who don’t know, an event called the Mumbai night market took place at three spots across the city of Mumbai: Malad, BKC and Powai. Yesterday it took place at powai and I went for the event. The market began at 5 pm and ended at 4 am. We left from home act around 8:30 PM and came back at around 11:30 PM.

There were many stalls of both established brands as well as new, independent ones. Some stalls were selling quirky posters with different kinds of quotes and images. Other places were selling bags with various themes like health and fitness. They were all priced quite reasonably.There were some really pretty gowns and skirts and dresses in various shades. There were crop tops, and every cute piece of clothing you could ever think of. Some shops were even selling Amritsari jootis and high heels at the same time! There was a live concert going on as well. The atmosphere was cheerful and noisy.

But, in my opinion, the best part was the food all of which my sister and I shared. The first thing that I had was a chilli passion frozen lemonade which was amazing but with a huge kick of chilli although lemonade itself was quite sweet. After that I had a spiralised potato on a stick which had been deep fried to a crispy golden and then rolled around in a spicy masala and topped with a cheese sauce that was really smooth and creamy. The next thing that we ate was a chipotle chicken pizza but in a cone instead of the usual flat, circular bread. I also had a plate of ‘Saibo chicken’ from ‘Chi Wok’ which was basically bite-size pieces of sticky sweet and spicy chicken. The chicken was so soft that it mentioned in my mouth.

The last thing that I had was a ‘Blueberry Creamcheese’ waffle and a ‘Bubblegum Velvet’ waffle from’ The Belgian Waffle’ . The former was Sour due to the blueberries but the cream cheese balanced it out. On the other hand, the latter was sweet just like bubblegum but with a red velvet batter.

I also tried the ‘Salted Caramel’ waffles and the ‘Red Velvet’ waffle both of which were to die for. So, all in all it was a fun filled experience that I shall cherish in my memory for ever.

A Favourite Movie (30 Day Blogging Challenge)

The movie ‘Neerja’ aptly portrayed the hijacking of an airplane. Aircraft hijacking is the unlawful seizure of an aircraft by an individual or a group. In most cases the pilot is forced to go along with the order of the hijackers.Many lives have been lost in the hijackings that have taken place in the past.

The movie is based upon a true story that took place on 5th September,1986. Neerja was an air hostess on Pan Am flight 73 and was killed while shielding 3 children from the terrorists that had hijacked the plane while it was standing on the tarmac of Jinnah International airport.

After the terrorists boarded the plane,Neerja alerted the cockpit crew who escaped through the overhead hatch in the cockpit.

After holding passengers and crew members hostage for 17 hours on the runway, the terrorists opened fire.Neerja stayed on the plane and helped other passengers escape even though she could have been the first one to leave.

Most of us will never find ourselves in a high pressure situation, facing death like she did. True bravery always emerges in the face of fear. We will never know what Neerja was thinking or feeling during those hours that spanned the terrible ordeal that ended in death, but we do know that she chose to respond to the actions of the terrorists with exceptional grace, courage and grit. Of the 380 passengers and crew members on flight, 360 remained.

Thus the world knows of a brave woman called Neerja who responded with courage and level- headedness in the face of the hijacking of an airplane.


Ghosts And Ghost Stories

Ghost stories have been around for a long time. For more than thousand years. Before books, television and computers, nights could seem long. In order to entertain themselves, people sat around the fire and narrated scary stories which were just part of the fun.

So what exactly are ghosts?

Many people who believe in ghosts think that ghosts are spirits of those who have died but are not ready enough to leave this world for the next. The place where a ghost appears is said to be haunted. In most tales, the spirit of the dead haunts the areas where they have lived or died. In many narratives, ghosts are kind and helpful. Sometimes ghosts need help before they can finally rest in peace.

I know a lot of people who believe in ghosts while I, on the other hand, don’t believe in them. I think that they are just myths meant to frighten us. I don’t take such stories seriously and listen to them purely for the purpose of entertainment.